Equity Messages

One of the advantages of the California Dream narrative is that it emphasizes the Golden State’s unique embrace of diversity as an asset, as well as a vision for an inclusive future. California’s diversity has always been a source of strength, and Californians from all backgrounds deserve a safe, stable place to call home.

At the same time, many advocates are searching for tools to directly frame and name the role of racial and economic disparities in creating and perpetuating today’s housing crisis. Because this California Dream of success, prosperity, and the ability to build a better life for our children hasn’t been open to all — it has left out communities of color from opportunities to a home, and access to education, jobs, and a community.

Access to housing that people can afford is the foundation of a California where opportunity and a better future are open to all. That’s what housing advocates across the state are fighting for. 

Racial and economic equity is a critical component to address in California’s housing affordability crisis. The research team discovered areas where racial equity frames resonated with certain mindset segments, and a great deal of work remains in bringing a broader range of California voters along to a racial equity lens. For many housing advocates, racial justice is a critical focus of the work, and must therefore be a core topic of conversation among all their audiences. 

Therefore, research is currently underway to test the link between the California Dream narrative with messaging that names racial equity, with the goal of gauging its effectiveness across mindset segments. Watch this page for details on new message research as soon as it becomes available! 

Photo of street with parked cars // De Andre Bush / unsplash.com