Project Partners

This narrative research project builds upon an existing body of research and is developed as part of an iterative ecosystem to support advocates working to address housing issues in California. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) is grateful for the wisdom and expertise of so many individuals and organizations, and especially these project partners. 

Special thanks to the organizations on the Steering Committee, which advised throughout the project:

And, deep gratitude to the network of organizations and leaders in the housing movement that serve as an informal but invaluable network of advisors: 

Thank you to the 200+ organizations that participated in the California Housing Narrative Learning Lab series and all those working to achieve greater housing affordability in California.

Project Team

  • The research was designed and conducted by CZI’s Public Opinion and Survey Science team, led by Director of Research Laura Lazarus-Gardner, PhD, with invaluable support from Kyle Block of Gradient Metrics and Nina Sabarre of Intention 2 Impact  in partnership with Gradient Metrics. We are indebted to CZI’s former Director of Audience Research, Molly Jackman, PhD, for her vision and leadership as one of the creators of this project.
  • Ongoing consultation and strategist insight from Senior Advisor Dr. Tiffany Manuel, Founder and CEO of TheCaseMade, a senior strategic advisor on this project.
  • Leadership and championship from key CZI staff, including Senior Program Officer, Housing Affordability, Rob Avruch, Policy Director, Housing Affordability, Jennifer Martinez, Head of Community, Ruby Bolaria Shifrin, and former Director of Advocacy Graeme Joeck.
  • Media monitoring and narrative analytics conducted by Protagonist
  • Focus groups insights surfaced by cultural anthropologist Mike Youngblood of the Youngblood Group.
  • Frames and messaging for testing were developed by independent strategist Elizabeth Stroud and Will Valverde of M+R
  • Narrative learning labs and development of tools for advocates from Holly Minch and Rebecca Farmer of LightBox Collaborative
  • Thank you to Adina Abeles, PhD, POPSS Research Science Manager for her invaluable thought partnership and input on this body of work.
Photo of apartments in the evening // Griffin Wooldridge /